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INTERVIEW: Whiskey and the Wench

16 October 2019

Whiskey and the Wench are widely regarded as Dunedin’s loudest folk-punk band, with around a decades worth of blistering (sometimes… More

Media from Strike for the Climate Dunedin

27 September 2019

Can’t make music if there’s no planet 🤷‍ More

INTERVIEW: Eat the right lunch, eat a Night Lunch

18 September 2019

Known for their intense and enigmatic live performances, Night Lunch have been kicking around the local underground for about a year and… More

INTERVIEW: Mild Orange make music which feels right

31 August 2019

Mild Orange shuffled onto the Dunedin scene in early 2017 with a sultry mix of soft indie-rock and a splash of Mockasin creaminess. And then… More

INTERVIEW: Say goodbye to Battle of the Bands and hello to Bring the Noise

16 August 2019

This year marks the 23rd iteration of OUSA’s Battle of the Bands competition - and it also marks the first (hopefully of many) under the new… More

INTERVIEW: According to these guys you can actually make money off your music

21 July 2019

Thanks to capitalism, making money is an essential part of not starving to death. Unfortunately for most musicians though, converting their… More

Goodbye None

25 May 2019

A few weeks ago the art and music community received some sad news: None Gallery had been sold and, since it’s new owners had purchased a… More

Welcome to the future

28 April 2019

You might have noticed things are looking a little different. That’s because the site has been completely rebuilt from the ground up using… More

Lines of Flight 2019 Review: Music on the Fringes

29 March 2019

Lines of Flight opened with a rendition of John Cage’s silent 4’ 33”, both an empty space to symbolise what we’ve lost and the epitome of… More

INTERVIEW: Catching up with Michael Morris

22 March 2019

Until recently Michael Morris was making down and dirty rock n’ roll in Dunedin with The River Jesters. He toured both NZ and Australia… More

INTERVIEW: The Shambles - Gone but not forgotten

15 February 2019

Local blonk-pop band The Shambles are parting ways, but they’re not going out without one last tour, one last opportunity to experience the… More

INTERVIEW: Hexis and their insane 80+ show world tour

17 December 2018

Over the past four months Copenhagen-based blackened-hardcore band Hexis have been on the largest tour of their career, and next week they… More

INTERVIEW: Blindfolded and Led to the Woods on their strange origins

13 November 2018

I fondly remember the day 16 year old me came home from school, switching on the TV to semi-ironically watch mother of the nation Erin… More

INTERVIEW: What is Congress of Animals?

06 November 2018

Congress of Animals is what happens when a bunch of NZ’s most prolific and respected musical talent gets together and jams without any… More

INTERVIEW: Exclusive: Destroy All False Metal does not play metal

24 October 2018

Destroy All False Metal might sound like a radical metalhead’s ultimate dictum but it’s actually just a band from Wellington, and tonight… More

Tech stack rundown

03 October 2018

I thought it might be a good time to write a little rundown of the tech behind, partially as a way for me to clarify my… More

INTERVIEW: Sugarcoated Bullets on AMPED and Numbskull

21 September 2018

AMPED Project concluded again this year with a marathon 6 hour gig at Fifty Gorillas. Fifteen highschool acts played, who had all been… More

INTERVIEW: The mystery of Ben Woods

11 September 2018

It’s hard to know what to expect from Ben Woods Group. So far the only Ben Woods release is one song called “Lozenge” on Melted Icecream’s… More

INTERVIEW: The Mentalist Collective are finally releasing an album

04 September 2018

The first time I saw The Mentalist Collective was when they played to a crowd of ten or so at one of ReFuels open mic nights. This was 201… More

Talking to Lee Nicolson about his pedals (video)

31 August 2018

In 2011 Lee Nicolson started making guitar pedals. He learnt how to breadboard from a friend, a rudimentary prototyping method which… More

INTERVIEW: The All Seeing Hand on their new album and more

03 August 2018

At the Cook last Friday Wellington based indescribable trio The All Seeing Hand did what they do best. Set to a backdrop of RGB LEDs they… More

INTERVIEW: Talking to Methchrist

27 July 2018

If you’re feeling a little itchy it could be because Methchrist haven’t played a gig here since January, but that all changes tonight. In a… More

INTERVIEW: Talking Soaked Oats with Soaked Oats

01 July 2018

Dunedinsound: Your press release described you as a “southern stew of Kurt Vile, Mac DeMarco with a good shake of Kevin Morby”. If you as a… More

INTERVIEW: How to organise an all ages gig when all anyone wants to do is sell alcohol

26 June 2018

November last year a bunch of highschoolers decided to gather all of their friends and put on a big gig. They called it the Big Gig and that… More

Nook & Cranny Music Festival: A music festival in a library? (video)

18 June 2018

With 50 artists performing over six locations and five hours it’s Dunedin’s largest music festival… And it takes place in a library. This… More

INTERVIEW: Talking to Julian Temple of Julian Temple Band

30 May 2018

In 2004 Julian Temple Band slipped quietly into the Dunedin music scene as a humble 3-piece. But what was three gradually become four, and… More

INTERVIEW: Death and the Maiden on their new album

29 May 2018

Death and the Maiden’s second album exists in the same shadowy world they created in their self-titled debut but refines it, polishes it… More

Ed Sheeran cost the city $221,000

11 May 2018

According to an Official Information Act request initiated by, the Dunedin City Council spent $221,000 on Ed Sheeran’s… More

INTERVIEW: Talking to Damin McCabe of Jack Berry fame

04 May 2018

Damin McCabe, otherwise known as Jack Berry, assembled a band specifically for OUSA Battle of the Bands 2017 just to play his songs and see… More

INTERVIEW: Record Store Day 2018 at Relics (video)

27 April 2018

Twenty years ago if you wanted music you had to leave your house, go to a record store, talk to some people, part with $30 and return with a… More

INTERVIEW: How SPLASH CLUB 7 became a meme page (video)

20 April 2018

Way back in 2012 Dunedin local Jamie Dickson started releasing music online. He was inspired by a bubbly, aquatic-themed aesthetic called… More

INTERVIEW: Talking to Julie Dunn of trace/untrace records (video)

06 April 2018

In the first of a video series on cool people doing cool things I spoke to Julie Dunn who runs trace/untrace, a local micro-independent… More

INTERVIEW: An evening with Sheep and some expired chips

23 March 2018

Graham Matrix, singer and guitarist for local post-grunge-pop band Sheep, passes around a bag of Sour Cream and Chives potato chips. “These… More

INTERVIEW: Life in the shadow of the Dunedin sound

09 March 2018

On Tuesday the 27th of February 2018 two masked terrorists committed a heinous act of vandalism. before and after coyote Baying for… More

INTERVIEW: Bediquette on his new EP

15 December 2017

Bediquette’s new EP YIELD came out about a week ago and it’s good. Really good. Meaty bleeps and bloops shimmy around arrhythmic, danceable… More

INTERVIEW: Talking to Karl Leisky about experimental electronic music

18 November 2017

mf/mp are a hot new semi-local label who’ve already made waves with their lathe cut “Sundrian Editions” which feature pairings of… More

INTERVIEW: The Rothmans's on their second EP

17 November 2017

On a chilly August night in 2015 I went to a gig at the Robbie Burns pub and had my mind blown by a band called The Rothmans. I was there to… More

The L$D Fundraiser Bomb Scare: A retrospective

27 October 2017

In June this year an internationally recognized local sound artist grew tired of asking money for his works and decided to give them away… More

Vogel Street Party 2017

14 October 2017

Vogel Street Party happened again this year for the third time. Families, students alike (but mostly families) all flocked to the old… More

INTERVIEW: Talking to Andrew Wilson from Die! Die! Die!

13 October 2017

Prolific post-punkers Die! Die! Die! have released another album, and are returning to Dunedin on Friday for a blistering show at None… More

INTERVIEW: Sugarcoated Bullets and the new wave of Dunedin bands

03 October 2017

Dunedin’s high schools are pumping out more fizzy bands than ever before, although you might not know it because most venues are bars, and… More

INTERVIEW: Koizilla: Prolific psych-rockers

29 September 2017

For the third time in a year Dunedin’s one and only surfadelic riff monster ‘Koizilla’ is releasing an EP. This one’s titled ‘Clean the… More

INTERVIEW: Joining Agent Ewok for a jam session

22 September 2017

We emerged from the tiny practice room on Baldwin Street trembling and sweaty. It wasn’t a warm day, but the doors and windows had to be… More

INTERVIEW: METHCHRIST discuss their new album and more

14 September 2017

Finally some good news for local fans of war, filth, corruption, torture, scum, obliteration and death. In a ritual of hatred and disdain at… More

INTERVIEW: Onslaught 13

27 August 2017

By the time you’re reading this it’ll be too late: Onslaught will have begun. Probably the biggest event in Dunedin’s music calendar, the… More

INTERVIEW: William Henry Meung on defining experimental music and more (Video)

04 August 2017

William Henry Meung recently released his latest of many musical projects. A long time member of the Dunedin “experimental” music scene, he… More

INTERVIEW: Cath Cocker on the value of public art and more (Video)

03 August 2017

Local artist Cath Cocker recently organized the Nocturnal Projections and Other Small Happenings art event. I spoke to her about why she… More

INTERVIEW: Astro Children open up about the new album and the state of the Dunedin music scene

02 August 2017

Recently I caught up with Millie from Astro Children to discuss their new album, One Direction, and general feelings on the Dunedin music… More

Extended thoughts on L$D Fundraiser and recent events

03 July 2017

On the 16th of June, late on a Friday afternoon, central Dunedin was cordoned off and closed down for what was described as a bomb scare… More

Dunedin Midwinter Carnival 2017

25 June 2017

Saturday the 24th of June was the shortest day of the year and to celebrate a group of dedicated volunteers supported by the Dunedin City… More

Panasonic G6 to Panasonic G85: Worth the upgrade?

21 June 2017

The Panasonic G6 was the first camera I ever bought back in 2013 and it’s been my primary camera ever since. A few weeks ago I bought a G8… More has a blog 🔥🔥🔥

20 June 2017

So I decided to add a blog and I’m looking for content. why though? Basically I think there are interesting things to say regarding the… More

Obscure and unofficial media from gigs in Dunedin, New Zealand since 2014. More Info