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17 December 2018

Artists featured in this article

Over the past four months Copenhagen-based blackened-hardcore band Hexis have been on the largest tour of their career, and next week they’ll finally be arriving on our shores.

The tour has seen them playing non-stop since September everywhere from Sweden to Mongolia to Australia. By the end they’ll have been touring for 93 days, played 81 shows, and visited twelve countries. It’s incredibly impressive and a little bit crazy, especially for a band of their size.

I spoke to Filip, vocalist and founding member, while he was between gigs in Sydney to try figure out how (and why).

This tour you’re embarking on is pretty insane… How do you have the stamina to keep on going?

Um yeah that’s actually a good question. I dunno, I mean touring is like the thing I love the most, so I mean going out and playing shows, seeing the world… I like this more than doing a real job at home so being away from everything, that’s perfect for me. But I mean of course some days you’re feeling a bit tired and just missing everything at home… But most of the time it’s cool.

Feeling tired is understandable. You’re not really taking many breaks on the way are you?

Yeah I mean we had a few days off. We had one yesterday and actually I felt super restless, but I guess that’s because now I’m used to playing all the time. So I don’t really like to have breaks to be honest.

You’re hitting a lot of less toured places, like Mongolia and New Zealand, so do you find that there’s an audience in each place?

Yeah sure. We had a few shows where we didn’t have too many people, like in Australia a few days ago we played a small city and not that many people came out. But in Mongolia we had a pretty decent crowd. I think overall this tour we had a good turnout, but of course sometimes when you’re playing a small city on a weekday somewhere you don’t have the biggest amount of people. But I think overall this tour we’ve been pretty well visited.

I’m also excited about going back to New Zealand, last time we played it was so nice.

Do you have a touring agency or are you just doing it by yourselves?

We’re just doing it by ourselves. Right now in Australia we’re touring with a band called BREAK THROUGH so we’re like two bands sharing a van together and in Europe we also travelled with some other bands, but we usually don’t really have any crew with us. In Taiwan we had some people with us and the same in China but the majority of the tour we’re just alone.

Usually we’re fine with doing most of the stuff by ourselves, I mean of course it’d be nice to have a sound guy or something like that but when it comes to selling merch and stuff I like to take care of that so I don’t feel like we need a crew to do the stuff.

Do you find that relying on the local venue and sound people works out?

Yeah usually it works, of course some places you have a better sound guy than others, but usually it works.

I guess you probably wouldn’t be able to do a tour of this scale if you were bringing all your own stuff, it’d be away more expensive.

Yeah, if we had to bring people along we’d have to spend money on paying them and more money for flights so we definitely also choose the smartest from economic perspective, we’re still a small band so we have to be a little smarter with how we choose to spend money I guess.

For a band of your size to do a tour this big it’s pretty rare…

Yeah I mean I don’t even think I know many bigger bands who have done three months straight…

So are you finding time to write new music as well?

We haven’t been writing any new music for, I dunno, two and a half months? The plan is to, like one or two months after we come home from the tour, we’ll meet up to start writing a new album. So after this year we won’t do too much touring, we have a short tour in April and then we’ll probably do something in the summer but we’ll take the rest of the year off to record music because we really want to do a new album which will be more fun to tour I guess. Because I mean I really enjoy it now but I also feel like I really want to play new songs after I’ve been playing the same songs for such a long time.

It sounds like you’re kind of living the dream right now

For sure, these have been some of the best months of my life. So yeah I’m having a really good time, but also I mean even if I really enjoy it I can also feel like that I’m starting to miss my family at home a little. But yeah, it’s great.

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