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14 September 2017

Artists featured in this article

Finally some good news for local fans of war, filth, corruption, torture, scum, obliteration and death.

In a ritual of hatred and disdain at Crown Hotel tonight, METHCHRIST will unleash their full-length album “Nomadic War Machine” upon the true followers. If you’re not a member of the cult elite you can still experience the desecration by checking it out on Bandcamp or picking up a cassette.

The album was recorded by Nathan Forbes of Carpet Dungeon, a legend in the community who has recorded many other fantastic albums from the likes of Slitzkrieg and Knee Splitter. Commanding the Nomadic War Machine on its path towards virulent eradication is Ollie Trainor (vocals and guitar), Daniel Bloxham (drums) and Benjamin Cochrane (bass).

I caught up with the band to discuss the album and their gig tonight.


Daniel: A rejection of religion. A vile misanthropic abject expression. Nihilism. Hate.

Ollie: The name merely identifies a gateway to that which is virulent, abject, filthy, diseased.

Benjamin: We’re a three-piece war metal band from Dunedin, too.

How would you describe your music to people unfamiliar with the genre? What separates it from black metal for example?

Ollie: It isn’t separated from from black metal, it is true black metal, the actual spirit of black metal. War metal/beastial black metal is the attempt to get back to what black metal actually is. Beastial. Disgusting. Intolerable. It’s aggressive and chaotic. Visceral. None of that over-produced poser shit.

Danie: War metal is an aggressive, primitive hellstorm mixture of Death Metal and Black metal. It has also been refereed to as Bestial Black Metal.

Ollie: Black metal barely means anything anymore in its current use. It’s slapped on any group of puppets who wear corpse paint and sign songs about the almighty satan. It’s impossible to use the term around others without it invoking utter horse shit. Black metal was never for or about success or enjoyment.

Daniel: War Metal respects the pioneers of black metal in sound and motivation a hell of alot more than certain bells and whistles post black metal bands.

Okay, so what motivates you if not enjoyment?

Ollie: Oh, there is definitely enjoyment. But it is the Sadean sense, the enjoyment of utter pain.

Daniel: I think it’s just not supposed to be easily consumed like most abject art forms. The enjoyment is in producing something so pure in hate and repulsiveness while paying respects to those in the genre that came before.

Ollie: I/we are motivated by the uncontrollable urge/pulse of the black sun/solar anus. The urge to reject, defy, and desecrate everything our daily lives are filled with.

What was the recording process like for the album?

Benjamin: It was done at our rehearsal room by Nathan from Carpet Dungeon.

Ollie: Hails to Nathan.

Benjamin: It was pretty easy-going and Nathan understands what we are trying to achieve, so the process was very straight-forward. The recording desk was a bass cabinet.

Daniel: Yeah exactly what the other methheads said, very straight forward, minimal, and bloody perfect for what we are wanting, no frilly lining. Complete respect to Nathan Forbes.

Ollie: Best recording experience I’ve had because we were working with someone who actually understood what we are about, what we are doing, and didn’t give a fuck for convention, or trying to make a “listenable” release. His work is amazing.

Who are your influences?

Benjamin: A real mixture. Diocletian are amazing, as is Death Worship and Blasphemy James Read. Black Witchery. Cancer.

Daniel: Pissgrave, Archgoat, Blasphemy, Diocletian (NZ), Vassafor (NZ), Trepanation (NZ), Death Worship, Darkthrone, Mayhem…

Ollie: Proper fucking black metal. Beherit, Sarcofogo, Conqueror, Archgoat, Black Witchery.

Daniel: Fucking yeah, Sarcofago

Benjamin: Marduk

Ollie: New Zealand shit really crushes it, Diocletian, Witchchrist, Vassafor, Trepanation, Heresiarch…

Got any thoughts on the ‘metal scene’ in Dunedin?

Daniel: I don’t see us as being part of anyone’s scene.

Ollie: There isn’t really a metal scene here as far as I’m aware. There are a few really fucking amazing bands here, but all of them are very different, very diverse, and I wouldn’t want to exactly say any are in “the metal scene.”

Okay, maybe ‘extreme music scene’ is a better label then?

Ollie: Live music in dunedin is very bizarre, very small geographically, lots of live bands, lots of gigs, lots of intermingling. Lots of little groups forming exclusive, hip, superficial ‘scenes’. Fuck that. There are a few amazing bands down here. Some may be considered extreme, others not.

Got any thoughts on the upcoming election?

Ollie: Hahahahahahaha

Benjamin: Basically just fucking tins of baked beans

Ollie: I mean, it’s a fucking joke

Can you provide any insight into how you picked the support acts for your gig tonight? I was surprised by the variety.

Ollie: Picking a line up of bands in a relatively similar scene/area to us would be impossible, nonexistent, and absurd. We picked the bands we did because we respect the effort, energy, commitment, and creativity that they all have. All in very different ways. Genre or scene wasn’t considered.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Daniel: Support Southern Warmetal

Benjamin: Life is a disease


Benjamin: IT’S NOT FOR YOU

Ollie: Maybe, take a moment out of your day to not be sucked into the perpetual degeneracy of contemporary life.


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