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Do you have media from a local gig?

If you have photos, audio, or videos from local gigs which aren’t on the website I’d love to add them, but I’d prefer if they followed these guidelines:

  • Photos should be reasonably high quality, this probably does mean (but doesn’t necessarily have to mean) they were taken on a DSLR or equivalent
  • Same goes for video. Also if you have video it’s preferable that it’s either a full song or the full set, rather than just pieces of songs
  • Media should preferably cover an entire gig, not just one band (although there are some exceptions to this rule)
  • By submitting media you’re putting it into the public domain and people might take it. Hopefully they’ll credit you but they might not (we don’t do watermarks)

If you’re not sure send it through anyway and we’ll go from there. Since this whole thing is completely negative profit you won’t be paid but you’ll be credited on the site, and you’ll feel good knowing your contribution helps to complete the archive.

Send an email to [email protected]

Obscure and unofficial media from gigs in Dunedin, New Zealand since 2014.
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