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Talking to Julie Dunn of trace/untrace records (video)

07 April 2018 by Fraser Thompson


In the first of a video series on cool people doing cool things I spoke to Julie Dunn who runs trace/untrace, a local micro-independent record label to get the lowdown on the sort of operation she’s running.

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Life in the shadow of the Dunedin sound

10 March 2018 by Fraser Thompson

interview opinion

On Tuesday the 27th of February 2018 two masked terrorists committed a heinous act of vandalism.

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Talking to Stef Animal about her new album

17 February 2018 by Fraser Thompson


My first exposure to Stef Animal was when she opened for The Ruby Suns in early 2017.

It was a small set, but a powerful one. Using a midi keyboard and pad controller, she built glorious synthscapes from the weird musical gear she’d sampled. But what stuck with me the most was the fact that she introduced each song by naming the equipment used to make it.

I thought that was awesome since I know from experience that when working with old electronic equipment, often its character has a huge impact on the product. It’s almost collaborative. Plus as a gearhead it gave me stuff to Google when I got home.

And then just as soon as she entered my radar she disappeared.

…until now. Her first album Top Gear dropped on Fishrider Records a couple of weeks ago and it’s just as lovely as I had hoped.

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Talking to Karl Leisky about experimental electronic music

18 November 2017 by Fraser Thompson


mf/mp are a hot new semi-local label who’ve already made waves with their lathe cut “Sundrian Editions” which feature pairings of experimental electronic musicians from across the country. I talked with Karl Leisky, one of the label’s founders and artists, about their upcoming release event at Toitū and more.

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The L$D Fundraiser Bomb Scare: A retrospective

28 October 2017 by Fraser Thompson

music opinion l$d_fundraiser

In June this year an internationally recognized local sound artist grew tired of asking money for his works and decided to give them away for free.

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Vogel Street Party 2017

15 October 2017 by Fraser Thompson


Vogel Street Party happened again this year for the third time. Families, students alike (but mostly families) all flocked to the old warehouse precinct to experience music, art, food and more.

A sudden thunderstorm hit at around 6:30pm and scared away the weak, but the true Vogel Street Partiers didn’t mind hanging out under cover until the weather subsided, or had anticipated meteorological upset and brought umbrellas.

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Talking to Andrew Wilson from Die! Die! Die!

14 October 2017 by Fraser Thompson


Prolific post-punkers Die! Die! Die! have released another album, and are returning to Dunedin on Friday for a blistering show at None Gallery. I caught up with Andrew Wilson who’s handled lead vocals and guitar since he formed the band in 2003.

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METHCHRIST discuss their new album and more

15 September 2017 by Fraser Thompson


Finally some good news for local fans of war, filth, corruption, torture, scum, obliteration and death.

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William Henry Meung on defining experimental music and more (Video)

05 August 2017 by Fraser Thompson


William Henry Meung recently released his latest of many musical projects. A long time member of the Dunedin “experimental” music scene, he spoke to me about how he defines his music, how he ended up where he is artistically, and the role of public art.

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Cath Cocker on the value of public art and more (Video)

04 August 2017 by Fraser Thompson


Local artist Cath Cocker recently organized the Nocturnal Projections and Other Small Happenings art event. I spoke to her about why she values public art and some of the challenges she faced along the way.

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Astro Children open up about the new album and the state of the Dunedin music scene

02 August 2017 by Fraser Thompson

music news interview astro children

Recently I caught up with Millie from Astro Children to discuss their new album, One Direction, and general feelings on the Dunedin music scene.

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Extended thoughts on L$D Fundraiser and recent events

03 July 2017 by Campbell Walker

music news opinion l$d fundraiser

On the 16th of June, late on a Friday afternoon, central Dunedin was cordoned off and closed down for what was described as a bomb scare. The police flew down the Bomb Disposal Squad to blow up what turned out to be an audio cassette containing StreetNOISE the latest album by Dunedin musician L$D Fundraiser. After detonating the cassette and discovering it was not in fact a bomb, local police raided the musician’s house, and have since charged him with threatening to destroy property. He’ll appear in court this Friday.

This has been a big story internationally, covered in the NME and Spin as well as NZ media, but almost none of the reportage seems to have any awareness of L$D Fundraiser or the nature of his work. There’s been a lot of assumptions made, some of them ridiculous, some of them just lazy or wrong-headed.

For those of you, especially in other cities, not aware of his work as a musician and multimedia artist, I wanted to post a good example - shot by me at the Atonal Eclipse of the Charts festival at None Gallery in 2012 - and talk a little bit about how I see it, and about some of the misconceptions I’ve seen and heard about his work, and what happened.

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Dunedin Midwinter Carnival 2017

25 June 2017 by Fraser


Saturday the 24th of June was the shortest day of the year and to celebrate a group of dedicated volunteers supported by the Dunedin City Council turned the octagon into a midwinter themed carnival.

This isn’t the sort of thing I usually document but it was a beautiful experience and I wanted to share it for anyone who didn’t get a chance to go.

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Panasonic G6 to Panasonic G85: Worth the upgrade?

21 June 2017 by Fraser

tech photography

The Panasonic G6 was the first camera I ever bought back in 2013 and it’s been my primary camera ever since. A few weeks ago I bought a G85 to replace it.

Panasonic’s Micro Four Thirds cameras are often considered “hybrid cameras” which are designed for both video and stills. This holds true for the most part, and compared to other similarly priced cameras they tend to offer more video focused features. Alongside full manual controls in video the G6 for example has a microphone input.

It served me well for a number of years and I only really had a few complaints:

  • High ISO performance isn’t great: Anything above ISO 1600 is pushing it.
  • Handling is a little weird: Shutter speed, aperture, and especially focus adjustment feels laggy and the “rocker” style switch isn’t a great replacement for a real dial.
  • The SD card slot is in an annoying place

So why upgrade to the G85? I see the G85 as the first major update to Panasonic’s budget line since the G6. The G7 was more of an incremental upgrade, improving the handling slightly and adding 4k video. The G85 adds in-body stabilisation which is a game changer, and enough to motivate me into buying one.

The question is whether I can really justify my purchase to myself…

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20 June 2017 by Fraser


So I decided to add a blog and I’m looking for content.

why though?

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