The Mentalist Collective

The Mentalist Collective are finally releasing an album

05 September 2018 by Fraser Thompson

interview the_mentalist_collective

The first time I saw The Mentalist Collective was when they played to a crowd of ten or so at one of ReFuels open mic nights.

This was 2014, when ReFuel was still ReFuel and going to gigs there wasn’t cool. The open mic night performances ranged from impassioned singers with acoustic guitars covering Neil Young to the legendary banjo originals of Wolfman Stuey. It was an interesting time.

And then The Mentalist Collective showed up out of nowhere one night and blew me away. Five people in one band has the potential to just be a big mess, but these guys clearly knew how to play together. Each song warmed me up like a shot of positive vibes and I loved it.

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