The All Seeing Hand

The All Seeing Hand on their new album and more

04 August 2018 by Fraser Thompson

interview the_all_seeing_hand

At the Cook last Friday Wellington based indescribable trio The All Seeing Hand did what they do best.

Set to a backdrop of RGB LEDs they transported the audience to a dystopian future of broken systems and syntactical errors. Also in this world was a uniformed commander wearing something reminiscent of an 18th century naval captain, a polyphonic wizard with samplers beneath his palms, and the searing scent of Sichuan peppercorn.

It was an experience not to be forgotten, and marks the start of The All Seeing Hands’ national release tour for their fifth album Syntax Error. It continues down the path they’ve been forging since 2011, but it feels thematically almost like the path has become corrupted. Where their 2016 release Sand to Glass was about the growth a civilisation, Syntax Error could be about its downfall. And it feels uncomfortably familiar.

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