Blindfolded and Led to the Woods

Blindfolded and Led to the Woods on their strange origins

14 November 2018 by Fraser Thompson

interview blindfolded_and_led_to_the_woods

I fondly remember the day 16 year old me came home from school, switching on the TV to semi-ironically watch mother of the nation Erin Simpson attempting to capture the young teen demographic, only to be aurally assaulted by a technical death metal band called Blindfolded and Led to the Woods.

It seemed like a mistake, yet it kind of didn’t. “The Erin Simpson Show” was for kids, but it also made obvious attempts at being “cool”. They had a live three-piece indie band for example, who played rockin’ tunes from a mezzanine before each ad break and they had a catchy theme song you could buy on iTunes.

Turns out however that it was a mistake. Stu who plays guitar and writes the songs for Blindfolded explains.

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