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01 April 2022

Edit: In case it’s not obvious this was an April fools joke.

Do you want to own your very own piece of musical history?

Sample NFT Asset 1
Sample NFT Asset 1
Sample NFT Asset 2
Sample NFT Asset 2
Sample NFT Asset 3
Sample NFT Asset 3

The upcoming NFT collection comprises of 15,472 images, and 859 audio bootlegs. Each item is unique, but together they form a novel snapshot into 8 years of Dunedin’s musical lineage. Collect them all, or just your favorites!

NFTs are collectible digital assets. Ownership is guaranteed by secure blockchain technology, and unlike most digital content, they’re truly ownable, and you are free to do anything you want with them, including resell them. Once you own an NFT, nobody (not even the creator) can take that right away from you.

Message for existing users

Please note that if you have downloaded any media from this website at any point in the past, it is no longer yours. The rights to this media belongs to the owner of the NFT. You may continue to hold a copy of this media on your hard drive, but please understand that it’s not yours.

Also, in order to protect the rights of NFT owners, any future downloading of the media contained on this website is no longer permitted. Please do not attempt to screenshot anything on this website. If you do, you must understand that even though you have a copy of this media, you do not own it. Those rights belong to the holder of the NFT, and are guaranteed by secure blockchain technology, regardless of how many other copies of the media exist.

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Obscure and unofficial media from gigs in Dunedin, New Zealand since 2014.
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