Sugarcoated Bullets

Sugarcoated Bullets and the new wave of Dunedin bands

04 October 2017 by Fraser Thompson

interview sugarcoated_bullets carmina bark_like_a_dog imperium do_speak_louder trent_hawthorne

Dunedin’s high schools are pumping out more fizzy bands than ever before, although you might not know it because most venues are bars, and bars don’t allow highschoolers…

Luckily we’ve got DIY spaces like The Attic who, next weekend, will be hosting a huge lineup of highschool bands. Not only will it be a hell of a lot of fun, but it’ll be a chance for people like me to catch up on what’s been happening in the elusive highschool band scene.

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How to organise an all ages gig when all anyone wants to do is sell alcohol

27 June 2018 by Fraser Thompson

interview bark_like_a_dog sugarcoated_bullets

November last year a bunch of highschoolers decided to gather all of their friends and put on a big gig. They called it the Big Gig and that it was, with eight acts, five hours of music and a massive, enthusiastic crowd who were surprisingly interested in forming conga lines.

Next weekend sees the much anticipated return of the Big Gig featuring a different but equally big lineup, a new venue, and a boost to audio and lighting situation, all of which should add up to an even bigger turnout according to Alex Cochrane of Bark Like a Dog. He’s organizing it this year with Ayden Crowther-McCaughan of Sugarcoated Bullets.

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Sugarcoated Bullets on AMPED and Numbskull

22 September 2018 by Fraser Thompson

interview sugarcoated_bullets

AMPED Project concluded again this year with a marathon 6 hour gig at Fifty Gorillas. Fifteen highschool acts played, who had all been coached and nurtured through the project (for free) by Nadia Reid, and who were all also seriously impressive. If this is the future of Dunedin music things are definitely looking good.

I spoke to one of the bands who participated, Sugarcoated Bullets. They stand out as being one of the punkier ones to come out of the project, driven by their vocalist, Jack Munro’s, high energy stage presence. Where their peers are inspired by Mac DeMarco and Gus Dapperton, they’re inspired by The Ramones and The Dead Kennedy’s. They’ve also just released an EP.

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