Stef Animal

Talking to Stef Animal about her new album

17 February 2018 by Fraser Thompson

interview stef_animal

My first exposure to Stef Animal was when she opened for The Ruby Suns in early 2017.

It was a small set, but a powerful one. Using a midi keyboard and pad controller, she built glorious synthscapes from the weird musical gear she’d sampled. But what stuck with me the most was the fact that she introduced each song by naming the equipment used to make it.

I thought that was awesome since I know from experience that when working with old electronic equipment, often its character has a huge impact on the product. It’s almost collaborative. Plus as a gearhead it gave me stuff to Google when I got home.

And then just as soon as she entered my radar she disappeared.

…until now. Her first album Top Gear dropped on Fishrider Records a couple of weeks ago and it’s just as lovely as I had hoped.

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