L$D Fundraiser

Extended thoughts on L$D Fundraiser and recent events

03 July 2017 by Campbell Walker

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On the 16th of June, late on a Friday afternoon, central Dunedin was cordoned off and closed down for what was described as a bomb scare. The police flew down the Bomb Disposal Squad to blow up what turned out to be an audio cassette containing StreetNOISE the latest album by Dunedin musician L$D Fundraiser. After detonating the cassette and discovering it was not in fact a bomb, local police raided the musician’s house, and have since charged him with threatening to destroy property. He’ll appear in court this Friday.

This has been a big story internationally, covered in the NME and Spin as well as NZ media, but almost none of the reportage seems to have any awareness of L$D Fundraiser or the nature of his work. There’s been a lot of assumptions made, some of them ridiculous, some of them just lazy or wrong-headed.

For those of you, especially in other cities, not aware of his work as a musician and multimedia artist, I wanted to post a good example - shot by me at the Atonal Eclipse of the Charts festival at None Gallery in 2012 - and talk a little bit about how I see it, and about some of the misconceptions I’ve seen and heard about his work, and what happened.

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The L$D Fundraiser Bomb Scare: A retrospective

28 October 2017 by Fraser Thompson

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In June this year an internationally recognized local sound artist grew tired of asking money for his works and decided to give them away for free.

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