Jack Berry Band

Talking to Damin McCabe of Jack Berry fame

05 May 2018 by Fraser Thompson

interview jack_berry_band

Damin McCabe, otherwise known as Jack Berry, assembled a band specifically for OUSA Battle of the Bands 2017 just to play his songs and see what would happen.

They ended up winning.

It wasn’t a surprise to me despite their band name sounding a lot like a working title… The grooves were tight and bouncy, the songs unbelievably catchy, and Damin’s autotune-enriched vocals added a unique edge. Although, as Damin explained to me, the autotune was primarily for confidence not style since it was his first time singing in front of an audience.

And now, after a summer of wowing crowds across the country, they’re releasing their first EP titled “Dutch”. I expect it’ll be huge, but unfortunately we’ll have to wait a few more weeks before we can hear it.

I took the opportunity to catch up with Damin before he gets too famous and won’t talk to me anymore.

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