What is this?

I go to gigs in Dunedin, document them, then archive them here. I’m not affiliated with any venue or band so consider my recordings bootlegs.

My recording rig is wearable, which means I can stand in the audience and get a pretty good recording without any setup required. Also unlike a recording from the soundboard my recordings capture exactly what it sounded like from the audience. The downside is not every element will be clear like a studio recording.

Most of the recordings are binaural so that means they’ll sound best on headphones.

So far…

  • 111 gigs
  • 405 bands
  • 5130 photos
  • 626 videos
  • 349 audios

Why not just put stuff on Facebook like everyone else?

I don’t think Facebook is designed for long term storage, also the interface sucks and makes it impossible to find anything again. This is meant to be a more permanent archive, the idea being that artists/fans will be able to access it decades from now.

What equipment do you use?

  • Panasonic G85 micro four-thirds camera with vintage M42 mount lenses, usually an Asahi Pentax 50mm 1.4 (the one with the radioactive element).
  • Panasonic G6 as a b-cam for multi-angle video.
  • Custom binaural headset: Two electret microphones shoved into a pair of earplugs and wired up to a battery box. They go in my ears.
  • Roland R-05 portable recorder. Built in mics are okay as a backup.

Are you making money off this?

No, I do it because I enjoy doing it. There’s literally zero monetization going on, no ads or sponsorship or anything.

It does cost money to host all this stuff. Currently that’s only around $10 a month but it will grow as I document more gigs. If you want to help cover the cost then you can donate via PayPal:

I’ve got something to say!

Want uncompressed images or copies of videos? Want me to come to your gig? Or something else? You can contact me here: [email protected]

Okay cool